Welcome to 54°40' Orphyte!

Our Company has sold our rights to and inventory of the TimeMaster®, Sandman, and Star Ace™ game systems and recently sold off the remainder of our  inventory of first edition Chill™ products.  TimeMaster and Sandman are now owned by Goblinoid Games.  Star Ace is now owned by Phillip  J. Reed.  Chill is owned by Martin Caron.

The Company has shifted to being a publisher of stories and books, primarily by Donald J. Bingle. 

For information regarding Donald J. Bingle's writings, including his books The Love-Haight Case Files (co-authored with Jean Rabe), Frame Shop, Net Impact, GREENSWORD, and  Forced Conversion, or his other work, including his Writer on Demand™ story collections, please go to www.donaldjbingle.com.

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