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54°40' Orphyte, Inc. is probably the only place you can still find many of the original, 1st Edition, Chill™ products for sale, but quantities are extremely limited.  Chill, 2nd Edition was produced by Mayfair Games.  Chill is now owned by Martin Caron.

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Chill™ Roleplaying Game Boxed Set:  Fear runs down your spine like ice water.  Pressing your shoulder more firmly against the door of the rotting cottage, you hope theat your strength can prevail against the beast that hunts you.  It lurks somewhere outside--waiting and watching.  If only someone else had been sent out into the night, into the swamp, to battle this creature.  As an envoy of S.A.V.E., it is up to you to prevail against the Unknown.  Hard to find, origingal, shrink-wrapped, 1st Edition Chill boxed sets.   Format:  Boxed 9x11x1" game, including 64 page Campaign Book, 32 page manual of Creatures of the Unknown, 16 page mini-adventure, three high impact dice, large color map and playing pieces, and a special introductory rules folder which allows you to begin playing within minutes of opening the box.  Stock No. 2001; Out of Stock.

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Village of Twilight:  Lurking deep within the rain forests of Yucatan, death awaits its next victim.  It swallowed up the great civiliztions of southern Mexico centuries ago, and now it rears its decaying head once again.  The oceloti have returned--evil cat-things that roam the jungle.   An unnatural stillness hangs in the air as you stand at the edge of this tangled green world.  The jung beckons, challenging your courage, mocking your dobts, and somewhere, hidden among the twisted trees and hanging vines, the oceloti are waiting at the edge of the Village of Twilight.  Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2002; $9.95.

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Highland Terror:  Disaster erupts all around, leaving no time for reaction.  Your small boat smashes into a million splinters, dashing equipment and crew alike into the cold, dark water.  In the distance, the water churns and bubbles, boiling with the monster's unseen presence.   Then, with supernatural quickness, all is quiet again.  Something cold brushes past, a wisp of feeling, almost undetectable.  You gasp, kicking hard into the unseen depths, but finding no sign of the dreaded thing.  To think that only this morning you had all been safe, enjoying your research and looking forward to a fine, sunny day.   Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2003; $9.95.

Vengeance of Dracula:  In a Victorian London estate, Mina Harker prepares for slumber--a slumber she fears more than death itself.  Outside, a wolf begins to growl; Count Dracula, Lord of the Undead, has come to call.  Quickly, he materializes in her chamber:  "For seven years I have waited and grown strong.  Did you think that mere knives could destroy me?"  And so it began.  Seven years after Mina and Jonathan Harker helped strike down the Count, he has risen to seek his revenge.  One by one, the victims fall; one by one, until. . .only you can stop the Vengeance of Dracula.  Format:   32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2006; $9.95.

Haunter on the Moor:  Only the brave dare linger on the moors of Devon after midnight, for Evil is strong here and will seek out its prey over the course of a century.  A luminous phantom tortures a young Victorian woman; a savage beast rips unsuspecting men to shreds as WWII rages; the haunter of dreams stalks a contemporary women who forsees her own brutal murder.  A single place links these horrors:  Moorcrest Manor, an isolated Devonshire estate.   A single hope remains:  you.  Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2007; Out of Stock.

Isle of the Dead:  Moonlight lends an eerie glow to the tents and rides of the carnival.  The midway is dark and deserted, as it has been for many years, and all around lie remains of vacant amusements that once were tronged.  Silence is thick in the air.  Now the laughter begins.   It floats down the midway and through the tents, but no one is here. . .no one living.  Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2008; Out of Stock.


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Creature Feature™:  This sourcebook expands the original Chill Roleplaying Game with new rules, new powers, and new twists on roleplaying.  In Creature Feature, you can play the Creatures from the Unknown:  vampires, werewolves, and the like.  New slants on S.A.V.E. include new skill, equipment, and the details on the modern S.A.V.E. organization and bring to envoys the new and highly dangerous Incorporeal Disciplines of Seance, Leave the Body, and Incorporeal Attack, allowing them the ability to battle one-on-one with a ghost outside of their bodies.  Also provides more detailed weapon and combat rules.  Format:   96 page perfect bound sourcebook; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2010; $14.95.

Vampires:  Dracula is not alone, you know.  There are vampires everywhere and some require some very, very special means to eliminate.  Collected from myths and lore of many times and places, this huge sourcebook provides a detailed look at a variety of vampires; their names, haunts, and the special powers and weaknesses they have.  Use it to incorporate a vampire into your own campaign, where the players least expect it.  Format:  96 page perfect bound sourcebook; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2011; $14.95.

Death on Tour:  The rock band, Van Helsing, already a popular group, got some added publicity recently when an audience member suddenly collapsed.  When she didn't regain consciousness, paramedics were called in.  She was found to be drained of blood.  When two punctures were found on her neck, the press dubbed it the "vamipire killing".  Five more identical deaths occured in foour different cities, each at a Van Helsing concert.   No one saw a thing.  Unfortunately, the killings have increased the band's drawing power and scalper's prices now begin at $500.  At the recent Philadelphia concert, some crazy kids cheered when word spread that someone in the audience had just died.  Sw we have a very unusual vampire who not only kills at will, but who has sparked a very ugly trend.  Who knows where it could lead, if you don't stop it.   Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2012; Out of Stock.



Deathwatch on the Bayou:  The Bayou waits and watches, patient as an open grave, as a young man ples a small boat under the moss-laden branches of the cyprus trees.  A cottonmouth, angry at the intrusion, drops into his boat from the trees, but the young man uses his pole to flip the snake into the water:  "You won't take me, not while I'm still breathing."   Suddenly, the pole snags on the deadfall and rotting vegetation that clots the vile water.  The young man stuggles unsuccessfully, but finally is forced to reach down into the muck to free the pole.  A slimy hand grasps his own and pulls him down into the water.  Deathwatch on the Bayou features two adventures:  "Timbalier Terror", a tale of the bayou's living dead; and "Mystery of Isle au Pitre", the story of a gulf island that claims its visitors forever.  Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2013; Out of Stock.

Blood Moon Rising:  Little Red Riding Hood had it easy.  She only had one wolf to deal with.  But after a struggle beyond your comprehension, your satisfaction at finally besting the werewolf that attacked you in the woods has come to a frightening halt as you realize that wolves travel in packs.  This hair-raising adventure of lycanthropic terror stretches from the barren wastes of Alaska to the crowded streets of Milwaukee.  Format:  32 page adventure; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2014; Out of Stock.

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Evenings of Terror with Elvira®:   The night approaches and the roads grow dark and treacherous.  At times like this, you should not be alone.  So Elvira®, Mistress of the Dark®, will join you and lead you to towns haunted by myriad forms of hideous death, to houses where unspeakable secrets dwell, to rooms where only the dead can rest, and to more places guaranteed to give you unpleasant dreams.  This book contains nine different adventures of horror and humor, if you find death amusing.  Format:  96 page perfect bound book; 8-1/2x11".  Stock No. 2015; $14.95.

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