Links of Donald J. Bingle



5440' Orphyte, Inc.:   Purveyors of fine gaming products.

Alliteration Ink:  Publishers of Don's third novel, Net Impact, as well as The Crimson Pact series.   Also provides e-book conversion and placement services.

Cathyboy:  The website of sketch artist, Cathy Johnson. 

Chain Story Project:  Home page for Mike Stackpole's Chain Story Project.

Chris Marks/The River:  Blog and website of Chris Marks on business, venture capital, start-up investing, and life in Colorado.

Elizabeth Vaughan Author of Warprize, Warlord, Warsworn, Daggerstar, White Star, and Destiny's Star.

Five Star Publishing:  Publishers of Don's books, Forced Conversion and GREENSWORD.

Forced Conversion:  A page about Don's novel, with a summary, an excerpt, and quotes from early reviews.  Everyone can have heaven, any heaven they want, but some people don't want to go.  Order for $15.00 by sending funds by PayPal to  Shipping is free in the U.S.

GenCon Writers Symposium:   Eighty-five hours of writing panels, readings, and events by some of the best fantasy and science fiction authors in the industry.  The link goes directly to a listing of the authors and their 2011 panels, thanks to Ken and Kelly Swails.  For preregistration for GenCon on August 4-7, 2011, go to

Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone:  My story for the Chain Story Project. Here is my home page on, where you can find many reviews and what I am reading now.

GREENSWORD:  A Tale of Extreme Global Warming:  A page about Don's second novel, with quotes from reviews (including reviews that Amazon refuses to print).  They're about to sayve the world; they just don't want to get caught doing it.  Order for $15.00 by sending funds by PayPal to  Shipping is free in the U.S.

Kelly Swails:  Website of author Kelly Swails, a member of the GenCon Writers Symposium.

Jean Rabe:   Author, editor, and all-around great friend to have.

Linda Bingle's LiveJournal Page:   My wife Linda, has stuff to say, too, much of it about the TV Show Supernatural.   Check her page out.

Net Impact:   A page about Don's third novel, a spy thriller, except Dick Thornby is not Hollwood's idea of a spy.  Purchase the eBook version directly from the publisher in a format of your choice here.   Order in soft cover, trade paperback for $15.99 by sending funds by PayPal to  Shipping is free in the U.S.

Parnell Hall:  Parnell Hall is a mystery writer who has done a great job of promoting his books with YouTube videos and humorous songs.  I especially like his songs "Kill 'em" and "King of Kindle."

Paul Genesse:  Author of books and stories about dragons, pirate queens, and Greek goddesses.

Project Publish Reality Show:  I am a judge for BATV's reality show for writers and performers, with auditions on January 13 and January 20.  Writers write.   Performers perform.  Judges judge.  Someone goes home.  Listing of submissions criteria for publishers of genre fiction, including open anthologies seeking submissions.

Robert J. Sawyer:   Canada's best writer of science fiction.

St. Charles Writers Group Yahoo Page:    Home page for my local writers group.

Shelfari Page:  Here is my home page on Shelfari, where you can also find many of my reviews, as well as what I am reading now.

Waterline Writers:  Fox Valley's latest writers' group hosts monthly readings.  Catch my reading of "Season's Critiquings" here.